Stage right


Teri Anderson

I was trying to take a photo of amount of people at an exhibition I was participating in and didn’t see as a man partially entered the right side of the photograph.


One of a kind


Gail Griggs

I was trying to photograph a squirrel in the trees using my phone when I nearly dropped it due to cold fingers. Somehow I managed to press the shutter button while it was moving and still not drop my phone on the floor. It lived to tell the tale. I have tried to recreate this effect on several occasions but to no avail. A true one-off.



James Hudson

My two images titled ‘Spider Blur’ were the result of experimenting with long exposure and flash in near total darkness. I was hoping to capture the spider in perfect focus with perhaps a faint impression of the movement of the cotton grass. The results, although interesting in some respects, were not quite what I’d intended.

Colourful harmony

Una Li

My name is Una Li who is a lecturer in Huanghuai University, Zhumadian, Henan province, China. I really enjoy taking photographs in my daily life.

These photos I took at 30th floor just out of my house window using the technique of moving the camera freely while taking the shot. Each one is fascinating and unique for me because I don’t know what the exactly effect until I finished it. I am fancy for the neon light trail which can represent the colourful harmony combination and monotone style of Chinese artistic conception.

I will keep doing this and experiment more to discover more unexpected moment of my life.




Just looking through the photos taken on today’s walk and have come across a completely random image – I have no idea how I managed to take this one, and certainly have no recollection of doing so!  I love the optical swirl, almost dizzying..