All fingers and…

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Don’t you just hate it when that happens?




Ivana Čavić

In April 2015 I was in Rome. During my first day I visited St. Peter’s Basilica, where overwhelmed with the scenic view and in the crowds of tourists my film camera fell from my shoulder. Happy that it was still alive, I continued taking photos with it, not knowing that something was broken inside.

When I came back home, and developed the film I realized that the camera was shooting everything only in one frame. I was left with one photo, this synthesis of my whole time in Rome.

Be present

brett chapman

Brett Chapman

Last year I was travelling around Europe doing a lot of filming and photography. Somewhere in the course of my travels I became more consumed by capturing moments than experiencing them. The record of beauty became more important than the recognition.

This picture has grown to be one of my favourites from the trip because it serves as a perfect call back to my mindset at the time. I was trying to get a shot of the mountain view before it passed by but I unwittingly ended up with a murky self-portrait. The person in this picture is neither here nor there.

Since returning from my trip I did a lot of ruminating about the nature of my work and the way that I let it dictate my experiences. Now, when I look at this picture I’m reminded that before we can capture the truth of a moment we first have to be present in it.