inadvertent fisheye at Y Foel

I noticed a peculiar ‘fish-eye’ effect on this image – seen after the image was downloaded and compared with others in the same sequence.  Definitely how the camera saw it rather than me! TPW





I discovered I can influence the shutter speed on my phone camera by messing with the brightness levels. Its crude, the speed can’t be set but can be influenced and there is no control over ISO but combining it with camera movement gave me some interesting effects which I think enhance the sense of movement. Here someone is just leaving the escalator. I knew it would be impossible to get a blur free shot so why not enhance it?!

Machine made

The Glitch

Plip van der Engels

This was the first ever glitched image that I made in 1999. Taken with a broken, low end digital camera, which could only manage pictures at a maximum 640 x 480 resolution. I dropped the camera into a bucket of soapy water by accident – which did not please my parents at all since it was expensive for its day!

The CCD of the camera had been damaged irreparably, but before completely dying, it was able to capture this image. The chip had managed to capture light and dark but was unable to differentiate colour, leaving this silver ghostly image.

Since that moment, I have been interested in GLITCH ART, recently I just had my first exhibition in Florence. Italy so you could even say that this accident ended up inspiring me.