Doing its own thing


John A. Blythe

Although created at different times these images are all connected by process. They are all taken by accident when my camera was in my back pocket or in my bag. Generally it seems this happens when I have been taking an image and then put my phone in my pocket/bag, forgetting to close the phone and leaving it in camera mode. So they are explicitly connected to the process of taking photographs but are the camera ‘doing it’s own thing’.

Due to the wonders of digital cameras and the meta date captured I am able to place the context of each image in relation the time, place and other photos I was taking.  For example the bottom image was taken while I was at the Serpentine Gallery looking at the work of Christo (and happened to bump into Paul McCartney), while the top three images happened while I was walking around the ‘Shape of Light’ exhibition at the Tate Modern. This set of image is interesting in that the images show significant glitchy aberrations which suggest the cameras algorithmic processes struggled to cope with the limited light and abstract nature of the image it was dealing with.

Not sure who these images should be attributed to, me or my iPhone?

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