Between Presence and Program

I’m pleased to share the publication of a new book chapter: Between Presence and Program: The Photographic Error as Counter Culture which explores the intertwining of technology, embodiment and chance in photography – themes uncovered through In Pursuit of Error and the participation of its generous contributors.

Special thanks to Gail Griggs, Catalina Codreanu, Una Li, Melis Cantürk, Brett Chapman and my very own Fin Wright for allowing me to include their images alongside my text and bring it to life.

The chapter appears in the book Technology, Design and the Arts – Opportunities and Challenges  edited by Rae Earnshaw, Susan Liggett, Peter Excell and Daniel Thalman.  I’m delighted to share these pages with distinguished international authors and projects exploring the relationship between art and technology.  The book is Open Access so you can download the e-book for free!




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