Shifting vision

Gill Shreeve

My images were taken as part of my ongoing research and experiments with perception of space, light and movement. Shift 1 is a digital image of a sheet of blue acetate with a piece of black card placed onto a studio window. Shift 2 is of a piece of perforated card also placed onto a window.

Unlike the human eye, the camera lens had difficulties focusing on the dark the pieces of card on the window alongside the more transparent, extensive space beyond the window. I took the photographs anyway to see what would happen.

The resulting images cause further visual confusion, this time between the eye and the brain in their attempt to bring at least one part of the image into focus. Shift 2 causes an disconcerting state of perpetual cognitive switching between the two vastly contrasting spaces presented. This causes continual shift of the image beyond its boundaries unable to be ‘fixed’.

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