The speed of light

Erin Dooley

I love traditional photography and it took me awhile to get used to the digital space as the warmth and errors are rarely there. I use Instagram a lot to try and replicate these but my favourites are when it happens accidentally and without filters and frills.
I always loved the philosophy that we are in a series of ‘nows’ that are all linked together. I feel that when I get shots like these I am finding the hidden ‘in between’ of ‘nows’ like time travel.

These are a range of images which have arisen by accident. I have ASD and I love to find details in the world around me. The problem is that sometimes my attention span or quest for the smaller detail out-paces my phone camera’s capabilities. This results in some abstractions which I feel are artistic in themselves. In the world of digital photos, these ‘mistakes’ can be beautiful in their own right.

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