Deborah Duffin

I have collected errors from my earliest days, while using film cameras. Errors often created lovely atmospheric images with no obvious use, but all the same I found them interesting and added them to my collection. When I finally bought myself a digital camera, the first thing which struck me was how easy it was when hand held, to make many errors! This led me to begin exploiting the use of errors, by using the camera as a drawing instrument.

This series of six images are examples from a larger series. I decided to take the possibility of errors to its extreme. I had been photographing a local fun fair at night for some days. On this evening, after dark I set the camera to take sequential images, aimed the lens at my subject, as I walked I set the shots in motion and walked along allowing the camera to take the shots without my having any control. The results were totally unpredictable. Details and combinations of forms and effects made me look in a new way at my subject. These are a few examples from the set of around 40 images.


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