One of a kind


Richard Shipp

This is a scan of a 35mm slide taken with a Hanimex SLR. I am still not entirely sure what happened to create this image but guess it must have been something to do with a mechanical issue with the shutter. It is the only photo I have like this as it never happened again.

I used to number my slides and this is number 229. It is in a plain white plastic mount with no date or other details on it. Other numbered slides close to 229 are from August 1979 and were taken whilst on holiday in Northumberland. So I guess that this slide is from that time and place.

It was completely accidental and I remember being intrigued by it because of the almost three dimensional effect caused by the overexposed section on the right. You can see the clouds through this section yet the plants in the foreground are in front of it.

I also have a rather poor quality 12″ x 8″ print of Slide 229. I could rarely afford to have prints made from slides at that time which just goes to show how taken I was with the image.


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