Through the haze

Rosa-Maria Nuutinen

Photography is something that I’ve been adding into my practice and I’ve been enjoying exploring with this new medium, meaning though that accidents do happen often, especially while using film, and that I’m not familiar with camera’s terminology and I can’t even develop my own films. With drawing I can use my imagination and they tend to be fictional suggestions; within photography though I’m trying to capture the gloom of reality especially when I’m visiting home. Black and white film has been a new revelation to me and I’m happy how it serves my thoughts about my home and my country.

Left: The image is completely out of focus, which I hadn’t intended. I was filming with an
automatic film camera, so I’m assuming that I didn’t give the camera enough time to focus; this way the image is more poetic though and I’m happy with the accident.

Top: The water marks on the picture weren’t intentional, although it was snowing when the picture was taken. My friend offered to develop my pictures and before he scanned the roll he didn’t properly dry the film. I didn’t ask for him to re-scan it though as I thought that the marks suited the film’s grainy texture really well.

Bottom: An error with winding the film, very much unintentional.

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