Happy accidents

Aishling Muller

Blurred lights image – After shooting in a more lit up situation I found myself in a darker part of the square and to focus manually with a rangefinder in this situation was not easy, often I just set my lens to infinity focus in these types of situations but this time I moved the focus in the wrong direction and got this result. This was an accident.
Leica blue – While out on a street walk in Wetzlar Germany, I came stumbled upon the location where the first Leica image was taken, holding one in my hands I couldn’t resist but to capture the moment, only to discover that I forgot to change my white balance setting as well as loosing the control of the camera strap which also photobombs in the image. This was an accident.
Desert Image – While trying to capture the starlit sky in a desert base camp, I began to use the campfire and camp lighting as some foreground lighting for my shots, little did I realise that one of the man who worked there was going to wander into my shot. This was also an accident.

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