Happy Accident


Susan Plover

The error was a “Happy Accident,” resulting in a layered image with more narrative than my original investigation. In Edinburgh I engaged with a window display as it was being un- installed , Time was not on my side and the shop was closing with lights going off .My creative aim was to capture what I felt was a darkly narrated tableaux (pieces were being removed from the display and the daylight
was fading rapidly).

I chose to use a flash to spotlight the piece. It was a spur of the moment opportunity and a knee jerk decision made in haste. The effect of the flash bouncing off the window resulted in an area of light just above the “body” of the mannequin. In my opinion this adds a surreal quality to the piece ,almost as if we are viewing an out of body ether ….

What I failed to notice was the reflection of the traffic behind me in the window which featured quietly but unintentionally in the final piece.


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