Suspenseful images

Sarah Wölker

ID Ends is an experimental photography-project about language in faces: faces of language, unconscious expressions and the fact that even in an image without figurative lines we tend to see a face. I consider the face as one most moving
motif. As working with the technical limitations of the Pinhole camera the results arises from this organic process; using an intuitive tool fits better as my main topic became the perception of time. Photography uses the principles of mathematic and I would like to go in the opposite way: No develop time, available light, no meter.
In this work I engage to disappear in time.

This as initial point I found reasonable to prepare seven more or less identical cameras
from match boxes to get the size defined. The following rules I made up- was disappearing in the process of developing. First there was a strict plan of taking one image of the same expression, every day, at the same time and space. But many coincidences led to very different pictures which are to split in groups of expressions. Suspenseful images happen to appear, when I let arbitrariness in matters of time and capriciousness win. After this process of getting me in the matchbox I try to not care about the times of: developing, get positive pictures, illuminating and enlarging. Still it worked until a certain border- from where I had to decide more and more until the decision to not decide win. I declare different sizes, qualities and shades as the desire-able result. The negation of valuation is one conclusion of the process in which it is impossible to disappear.

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