Keep the bad ones

Catherine Jack

The Untitled piece is a photograph I took on an analogue camera and I have no idea what it is of.

Soft Hand is a digital photograph, which is clearly not fully in focus. I was going to delete this one as soon as I took it, but I often keep bad photographs so that I can edit them in Photoshop to see if I can improve them.


Too quick to capture

Nicola Carter

The images were both taken with my underwater camera when I was snorkelling in a bay called Punta Prima in Menorca. Both images were my attempt to catch some small, colourful and very fast fish which were darting around in the sunlight near the surface.

Both images as you can see are distorted and blurred due to camera movement. Although they are both ‘mistakes’ to the extent that the images do not capture my intention, I actually rather like them as abstract images.